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In a world where weapons have been outlawed, mysterious forces are working behind the scenes to rob all mankind of their freedoms. With a sinister master plan about to come to fruition, the hidden forces of oppression begin to reveal themselves. One man will fight back with the only weapon he has left… his poo.

The plot begins to unfold as a swarm of ravenous hippies descend upon our hero’s hometown. Armed only with his excrement, Poo Chin will face the unrelenting bloodlust of the invading hordes and discover the secret motives of his enemies. A terrible brown tsunami of fecal justice will greet all that threaten this world. Dark times call for dark heroes and one man will stand up for all mankind, and then bend over, to answer the Call… of Doody. PLAY NOW!

Crapp Studios News

September 25, 2013

Hello Internets!! Plunge your ear toilets and listen up! And then read this. Everynow and then, humanity has an amazing idea. Such as the idea to start a poop game website. And in a shameless attempt to draw people to that website the idea came about to interview celebrities about poop. We had an amazing, fun, and weird fucking year working on this site, but unfortunately it has to come to an end. The Games will stay up and check out all our classic interviews. Special thanks to GWAR, ARM CANNON, BLONDE NERD, MINDY ROBINSON, and everybody else for helping us out.

We're clearing out our vaults and we have found a couple of nice nuggets for you guys. We have an interview with the mighty video game metal band, POWERGLOVE!! This is a great interview. We also found one we did with death rapper NECRO!! In addition to these two lost interviews we finally posted SHITETRIS, the poo organizing game that started this crazy idea to do a poop game website.

We also have an exclusive interview with DC based, Feminist Murdercore band, SNUGGLE!! If you live in the DC area come check them out live on Sunday, September 29 at the Rock and Roll Hotel. They are the official band of Crapp Studios.

We are also happy to announce that we have several smartphone friendly games for you guys. First check out Crapp Libbs where you can fill in the blanks with your own filthy thoughts and helps us create a personalized poo filled adventure! We could have stopped there, but we didn't! We did slightly more! Check out our series of mini Poo Puzzlers! Do you have shit for brains? Its time to find out! Whether you're at home on a PC or sitting on your toilet with a smartphone, we've got you guys covered.

Thanks for checking out Crapp Studios. If anybody out there wants to pick up the mantle and continue working on the site feel free to hit us up at


-Crapp Studios